Wednesday, June 19, 2013


After Riding the Wave in Lafayette, we traveled South for our fifth stop in the Summer of eLearning to Heritage Hills High School in Lincoln City for the intEgrate conference. This is the second year North Spencer School Corporation has opened its doors to all teachers wanting to discover why, what, and how to integrate technology into the core of their curriculum. 

We spent the morning meeting teachers from Southern Indiana over breakfast and deciding on our sessions for the day. We dove right into learning and I joined a full house to learn all about student collaboration using Google Drive from Tim Jacobs.  

Next I stopped in with Tama Rickelman who was sharing some great tips and tools for online collaboration. The group really saw the value in Socrative in engaging students for discussion and for assessing their ideas and knowledge. Educreations let the group find a place to easily create a lesson that used both video and audio components. This works on the iPad, Chromebook, and other devices. Tama ended the session with Voicethread - a great place for conversations and learning recorded and shared in the cloud. 

After the first round of sessions we gathered in the auditorium where we were welcomed by principal Chad Schneiders. After some housekeeping we settled in for the keynote speaker,  Kevin Honeycutt. Its hard to capture here the impact that Kevin has on his audience. He informs, challenges and inspires everyone with his stories and examples of how to "launch" students. He empowered us to tell our stories.  He believes, "teachers are dying of humble." Other people are telling our stories. He implored us to take the time to tell about the students who are being transformed in our classrooms. Kevin mingled his own story of growing up challenged by poverty with examples of the teachers and opportunities that saved him. As an audience we were brought to both tears and cackles as he modeled that technology is great, but it won't do anything without relationships. Some of my other takeaways... be a tradigital teacher - bring together traditions with digital. Empowerment comes from being trusted to attack learning according to your own strengths. Emotion cements learning. And by far the mantra that I will honor from Kevin is, "learn to love to learn." Kevin ended the session showcasing how technology can honor our passions with a jam session featuring our very own Jason Bailey.   


  1. Great to read your recap of our first day at your spacing on your post ;-)