Friday, June 7, 2013


The first stop in the Summer of eLearning tour is Center Grove's iPossibilities conference. Repeating on last year's success, the team at Center Grove put together another great day of iPad-centric learning opportunities.

Keynote Kathy Schrock kicked off the day with a talk she calls H.O.T.S. for Blooms. In one of her examples, she demonstrates how students with an iPad and one app called Explain Everything could participate in activities at every level of Bloom's Taxonomy.

Next I checked in with Matt Miller from Turkey Run for his session with the perfect title: Ditch That Textbook! Matt ditched his textbook 5 years ago and hasn't looked back. Instead of being consumers, his students are discussing, creating, and blogging. Moving the textbook out seems to have made room for things that personalize the content for his students, like creating memory hooks (mnemonic devices) to help remember vocabulary.
Could you name 60 apps in 60 minutes? Center Grove's Instructional Technology Specialist, Jenna Cooper can! In her session she shared her list of app suggestions that she's found through the years. The participants in this session were particularly impressed with CloudOn, a free app that gives you the potential to edit your Microsoft Office documents as well as a connection to documents in your other cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Check out the tweets from other Center Grove sessions at #cgipad13 and from other conferences this summer at #INeLearn. Stops next week include East Noble High School, and Northview Middle School (Washington TWP). See you there!

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