Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Knight Time Technology 3.0

KTT 3.0
The second conference in the Summer of eLearning is being hosted by a district that continues to accumulate recognition for their work in connecting learners. East Noble's experience with technology integration made them a signature district of the renowned Project Red, and their leadership team just received CoSN's Excellence in Vision award. Given their success, the KTT 3.0 conference was a great place to learn about what they do well.
Richard Byrne
East Noble began their two day conference with keynote Richard Byrne, well known for his presence on Twitter as well as his blog: Free Technology for Teachers. Richard pointed out how Wikipedia is impacting research, and why WolframAlpha makes math teachers ask new questions. Among his list of resources he highlighted 47 alternatives to YouTube for classroom use, as well as great ways to give students a voice through technologies like Todaysmeet and Socrative. In a follow-up session, Richard also demonstrated examples of using Padlet with students as a collaborative space to share content of all types.
Lance Yoder
Richard's concurrent sessions faced some real competition from all of the fantastic presentations being delivered by East Noble staff! Lindsey Ravis shared some of the 21st Century projects her students are engaged with using animation tools like Xtranormal, Pixton, and Go!Animate. Lance Yoder showed how elementary students are also project focused using apps like Pic Collage and Skitch. Digital storytelling is a great way for students to evidence their learning in a graphic format, and the explosion of free apps and websites for this purpose is really increasing our capacity for creative student projects.
Ann Linson
Fortunate administrative participants also got to learn from East Noble Superintendent Ann Linson and the fantastic members of her administrative team. They are passionate about helping students become successful digital citizens. The dedication of this leadership team has nurtured a tremendous culture conducive to eLearning, and that attitude is evident in their decisions like not buying textbooks and letting students take their devices home for the summer.

For more learning from Knight Time Technology 3.0 check out #KTT3 and #INeLearn on Twitter!

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