Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Admin Academy at eQuip 'Hit Refresh' in Plymouth

eLearning Administrator Academies have been embedded in five of the Summer of eLearning conferences in the form of a learning strand. Today, Plymouth's eQuip: 'Hit Refresh' conference hosted the sixth event by reserving an entire day for those in the role of educational leadership to learn together in four sessions specifically designed for their needs.

George Couros, the Canadian school administrator who started up the Connected Principals blog and speaks internationally about his passion for Networked Leaders, opened the morning with his talk, "Focusing on Your Why." Couros addressed 40 Indiana administrators, sharing a three step approach to being transformational with technology: Model. Learn. Humanize.

The first hour was rich with change-leader quotes, videos demonstrating Couros' points and real-life examples that provided context to the message as Couros laid out the groundwork. Then the energy of the room shifted.

It was time to begin interacting and working to answer the big question, "How do we move from 'pockets of innovation', to a 'culture of innovation'?" Attendees dove into the resources Couros provided in a Google Doc and exchanged ideas in small group discussions and over Twitter. One of the resources shared was this blogpost on "Building the Culture of an Empowered Mindset Towards Technology Innovation."

The afternoon ended with Couros guiding leaders on narrowing their field, fostering entrepreneurial spirit, and moving forward in change.

Tomorrow, 300 additional educators will join these educational leaders as Plymouth's eQuip 'Hit Refresh" goes full throttle. The Tech Playground opens for exploration with student guides available for support. George Couros returns to keynote in the morning. And a full schedule of educator-led sessions including special guests Dean Shareski and Alec Couros offers something for everyone. If you didn't register to attend, you can follow the learning by searching Twitter for #pcscequip13.

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