Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Eric shared this graphic from Bill Ferriter
"We don't have an education crisis in America, we have a leadership crisis." This was a statement made by Julie Evans, guru of the national Speak Up survey, and was seconded by the small gathering of EdTech leaders from states across our nation. I share the quote, because this morning I watched Evansville's eRevolution conference impact that reality for a group of school leaders. EVSC's conference, now in its fifth year of bringing great eLearning sessions to educators, strengthened its offerings this year with a strand called Leadership in the Digital Age. Presentations in this strand were designed to support the school leaders in the area, as well as principals who drove in from hours away!

The leadership strand was anchored by Eric Sheninger, who has gained national renown for his use of social media at New Milford High School where he is Principal. It was enlightening to hear Eric talk about his first experiences with Twitter. His initial "lurking and learning" resulted in a sort of jealousy as he learned about great things going on in classrooms across the country. He then made his new learning an example for his school community. "If you model social media as professional tools, that is how your stakeholders are going to treat them," Eric shared. Despite the fears most have about opening social media to community comments, he reports removing only a handful of inappropriate posts in the last three years.

Participants packed sessions like this one by Jeff Thornton
Adam Bellow's energetic keynote made the morning, and the afternoon saw more fantastic learning led by teachers and coaches. I stopped in Missy Feller's tool sharing and learned about a great site called Wing Clips, where you can find thematically sorted movie snipets. Across the hall, Tim Wilhelmus and Jeff Tron shared some ideas for engaging students in creative work. They highlighted animation tools like Voki, Blabberize, and Go!Animate, that allow students to share what they know in creative ways that go far beyond reports and tests.
Keynote by Adam Bellow

The icing on the cake (or baklava!) was the afternoon app shootout with Adam Bellow and Leslie Fisher, who stunned the audience with a barrage of technologies like Story Builder and Aurasma. Leslie then gave a great interactive demo of InfuseLearning with an auditorium full of educators using their own devices for student response. See the complete list of the apps they shared in this Google Doc.

Like Disney, this conference was too big to see in one day! Check out #EVSCREV13 as the learning continues tomorrow!

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