Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Get ConnectED!

The Summer of eLearning has been all about connecting and learning with educators and administrators around our state, so visiting Zionsville High School for the Get ConnectED conference in our last week was perfect!  Zionsville, in collaboration with the Central Indiana Educational Service Center (CIESC) welcomed everyone with delicious cinnamon rolls and conversation in the freshman center. The room was abuzz while attendees and presenters planned out their day of learning. We moved to the Performing Arts Center, a beautiful facility, and settled in for the keynote.  Zionsville Superintendent, Scott Robison, welcomed and invited everyone to a great day of learning and connecting.
Zionsville administrator Dan Layton and STEM coach Sara Hunter introduced the Queen of Connection, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, as the keynote. Sheryl brought her expertise as a classroom teacher, technology coach, charter school principal, district administrator, university instructor and digital learning consultant to Monroe County last week as part of our summer series of conferences. As the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Powerful Learning Practice, Sheryl works with schools and districts to re-envision their learning cultures and communities through the Connected Learner Experience. She is the author (with Lani Ritter Hall) of The Connected Educator: Learning and Leading in a Digital Age. Sheryl started right out providing ways for the audience to connect with each other during her presentation in a Today's Meet backchannel and to her presentation in the PLP wiki. Her mantra for the day: We are stronger together than we are apart. Her presentation focus: What are you doing to contextualize and mobilize what you are learning? How will you leverage, how will you enable your teachers or your students to leverage-collective intelligence? Sheryl made a powerful case to be a learner first and an educator second. If you want to grow as a connected learner get connected with Sheryl!

Connections continued in a variety of sessions being offered after the keynote. I opted to join Kim Hendrick for her session on "Cool Tools to Curate Digital Content." Kim framed the session around how our learning life can be made simpler with good tools for curation. Kim made the learning easy for all of us by sharing the cool tools from her session in Today's Meet. Check it out to find ways to curate your content! Kim is an outstanding resource for any educator or administrator wanting to connect around teaching and learning in the digital age. Find out more about her and get more resources by visiting her eDesk.

Jason attended a presentation by Sara Hunter, Ryan LaPlante, Kelly Masters, and Stephanie Compton; four STEM experts from four elementary schools who shared their secrets to 'Ignite the T in STEM.' The four have collaborated to post resources on a webpage they created. If you've been wanting to get your students started with coding, you'll find some great first steps among these resources. If you are a Symbaloo user, you'll also want to add their web mix of tools to keep them at your fingertips.

Today was also a great day for the conferences in the Twitterverse. While participants from Zionsville tweeted to #gcED13, educators at Plymouth sent enough messages on #pcsceQuip13 to cause their hashtag to be a top Twitter trend for most of the day! Tweets also rolled in from Valparaiso who kicked off their conference today - follow us tomorrow as we blog with them from #eVisionary!

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  1. Thanks for the write up, attending eVisionary and all of your support. Through eVisionary and IDOE eLearning we have been able to reach over 500 educators in northwest Indiana!