Wednesday, July 17, 2013

We R Richmond Tech Expo 2

After leaving Ball State and the Yorktown eLearning Conference, we traveled Southeast and found ourselves at the very edge of the state in Richmond. This is the second summer Richmond Community Schools has invited educators in to share in the learning as part of their We R Richmond Tech Expo 2 conference.
This year the focus is on transforming traditional curriculum to digital platforms. The two-day conference provides valuable insight for participants wanting to discover new concepts and ideas about moving from a traditional curriculum to a digital one. Building on that foundation, participants will be learning to create, publish and access digital content.  

Day 1 of this sold out conference opened in the Civic Hall Performing Arts Center with Rob Tidrow, Technology Coordinator, welcoming attendees and setting the schedule for the 2 days.  Rob challenged the audience to be leaders in the changes needed to move teaching and learning to a digital, student centered environment.  Rob introduced the day's keynote speaker, Will Richardson.

Will opened the session by sharing that he is traveling Indiana as part of the Summer of eLearning at 4 different conferences! (Close to earning his honorary Hoosier citizenship!) If you know Will's work, you know he is all about collaboration and connection. True to that belief, Will provided a couple of ways for everyone to get in on the conversation. Join in on Will's backchannel at Today's Meet or follow the learning for both days on twitter #INeLearn.

Will kicked off the discussion with the question: What is confusing you about education today? After some discussion with the audience, Will shared his  4 starting points/beliefs on what is confusing about education today. 1) This is the most disruptive moment in education ever - not exactly what most people signed up for when they entered the profession. 2) This is the most amazing time to be a learner-ever- We have the sum of human knowledge in our pockets. 3) Schools need to be different, not better. 4) Computers should be used to "amplify human potential." These beliefs led into the next hour's look at how we prepare our students for a world that looks nothing like the world in which we live today. Will shared examples of students who are learning on their own and truly making a difference. Check out these projects:  We Stop Hate, Conserve It Forward, and Super Simple Sylvia's Maker Show . 

He continued to challenge the audience with his thoughts on the change from scarcity of knowledge to abundance, and rethinking how we use technology and how we teach. Traditional teaching is about delivery and waiting for education to happen - just in case I need to know it. vs Modern Teaching (Will's term for 21st Century Learning) which is about discovery - just in time when I need to know it.  To learn more about Will's ideas on the changes that are needed in education follow him @willrich45 or get his new book, Why School?

Day 2 will offer sessions for Online Content Curation, Flipping Tools and Techniques, Global Collaboration, and Pedagogical Challenges to name a few!  WE ARE RICHMOND - a great place to learn!


  1. Big thanks to Candice Dodson, Jason Bailey, and Meri Carnihan from Office of eLearning for attending Day 1 of our conference. Also, I appreciated Candice taking the stage and talking to the crowd about eLearning in Indiana. We hope we can continue this next year. Great PD time.

  2. Thanks, Rob! And thanks to you and your team for the thoughtful work to make it a great event!

  3. Thank you so much for mentioning my organization! I will share your link on the Conserve It Forward Facebook page!

    Peace & love,