Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Infinite iPossibilities

Meg Wilson keynote
Opening Session
Week two of the Summer of eLearning kicked off today at Center Grove High School where they hosted their 3rd annual conference. iPossibilities 2014 was keynoted by "technology instigator" Meg Wilson, whose twitter handle is (coincidentally) @ipodsibilities. She shared her story of using iPods and later iPads to personalize instruction (and assessment!) for her students. In her talk, she encouraged educators to allow kids be mobile with the "mobile technology." She allows time for her students to play and to fail with the technology, because from failure - we learn. Wilson also shared her go-to apps... her digital diet for iPads: eduClipper, Google Drive and Showbie.

In a breakout session Stephanie Dalton shared her experience as a "Paperless English" teacher in the Hamilton Southeastern School District. Among the many reasons she shared for 'Why' teachers should go paperless, she said that she loves the mobility that it allows her students when the paper didn't require them to be at a desk.

Matt Miller (@jmattmiller) puts his iPad to good use
Dalton says that the important thing to realize is that "giving students the same handouts in a digital version isn't any more engaging for students." She talked about how fascinated her students were when she allowed them to connect, and discuss using a tool like TodaysMeet. A few items on her must-have app list were: Educreations for brainstorming, Paperport Notes for note-taking, Haiku Deck and Prezi for presentations, and NearPod for assessments. Find more materials from her session here.

Scanning QR codes
A great Google Doc workflow was revealed in this session to avoid the hassles of finding student work amid piles of email. Participants in the workshop shared that they create a Google form and have students enter their names and paste a link to their Google Doc writing assignment (with sharing turned on) into one of the fields. This provides the teacher a tidy spreadsheet of timestamped hyperlinks to each student's work. 

NBC Learn Session
In another session, Cyndy Harrison from NBC Learn, was joined by educators from K to 12, in exploring the over 16,000 amazing resources available to all Indiana teachers.  Cyndy went well beyond just searching the standards-aligned videos, to the many other curriculum resources like the special activities tab that features vocabulary and essential questions, and the many originally created educational videos resources for Language Arts, Science, Math and more.  If you haven't explored NBC Learn visit indiana.nbclearn.com to get started. 

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