Monday, June 2, 2014

PowerED Up!

Today marks the beginning of a three month stretch in Indiana called the Summer of eLearning! This amazing conference series begins this year in the southern part of the state, at Perry Central Jr.-Sr. High School. Some of the highlights of their PowerED Up conference are below, but you can also put your hands on the learning at #PowerEDUp and #INeLearn on Twitter.

In a high-energy opening keynote, author of Teach Like a Pirate, Dave Burgess (@burgessdave) pleaded with teachers to bring their passions into their work, and use those passions to engage their students. Dave said, "It is not WHAT  you do, it is HOW you do it - YOU are the magic in your classroom!" He explained to attendees that in every standard and every piece of content he looks for an LCL - a Life Changing Lesson that goes beyond curriculum and brings a richness to student learning. His session was packed with some powerfully practical hooks teachers can use to strengthen student engagement. With these hooks and other concepts from his book, Dave provided some great ways to provide experiences for students. "Lessons are quickly forgotten, but an experience lasts a lifetime!"

In one afternoon session, Michele Eaton (@lyonmi) presented a workshop on the SAMR model, which classifies lessons into one of four levels: Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, or Redefinition. This lens is helping teachers move from lessons that gain little from the addition of the technology, toward activities that truly were not possible without the technology. Online services that allow for real time collaboration, or publishing to a wider audience fall high on this measure. Find Michele's resources for this session at

In another session, Becky Hubert and Pat Jarboe explored the way Face Time can empower students to collaborate and journal about their reading.  Becky and Pat are from two neighboring districts that decided to join forces to bring their classes together to read, discuss, and write about the books they were all reading.  They worked with the eLearning coaches from Perry Central to explore different tools and settled on Kidblog for writing and Face time so students could connect virtually.  Email them if you want to share in their resources and expertise!

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