Tuesday, July 15, 2014


The Summer of eLearning entered its 7th week down in the south west part of our state in Vincennes, Indiana!  The eWonderland welcomed 300+ participants for a full two days of learning.
Excellent signs and greeters in matching bright green shirts welcomed everyone.  Breakfast was provided by ENA- an excellent sponsor and friend of the Summer of eLearning.   Before the keynote, educators were happy to be welcomed by our own Superintendent of Public Instruction, Glenda Ritz!  She shared her love of learning with technology and commended everyone for taking time to come together this summer and learn new ways to engage our students.  

I spent the morning "falling down the rabbit hole of technology" with Professor Corinne Hoisington@SAMTechNow) in her session, Implementing the Seven Principles of Engagement with Free Technologies. Corinne opened the session with great music and telling everyone, "If you have a device...turn it ON!" Her energy and passion for engaging learning with amazing technology is contagious and the participants were quickly up out of their seats taking pictures and photo bombing each other and exploring Padlet- a great free application for creating and collaborating that encourages engagement between students and teacher too! Next Corinne moved on to the idea of  reciprocity with Simplemeet.me  a great free website for jumping into a chat with others you invite with a easy code.  The Simpleme also lets you upload a file and share that with the group.  Corrine next told the group to be ready to get their socks knocked off..when she introduced Thinglink!   This application allows you add links to your images and video. Very cool and everyone could think of many ways to use in the classroom.  Ever wanted to send a video email to students to really get your information or point across? Try Eyejot.com a free way to send video emails.  If you are looking for easy, free tools for engaging students and how to really use them in the classroom- Corrine is a great source.  Reach out to her for more information and inspiration!
I joined Dr. John Keller(@DRJohn_Keller) in the afternoon to lead a session on leadership in the digital age.  Its always a learning experience to work with Dr. Keller- a true change leader in Indiana, and to have the pleasure of meeting administrators around our state.  The Summer of eLearning is a great place for teachers and school leaders to come together around relevant topics of discussion and learning.

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