Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We R Richmond Text Expo 3

Around 200 people attended the 2014 Richmond Text Expo. I jumped into the Tech Expo on day 2, so I sadly missed what I'm sure was a wonderful keynote by George Couros. Along with George's keynote, attendees were invited to attend two breakout sessions in the afternoon. Day 2 of the conference offered 4 sessions on a variety of topics.

I was familiar with the idea of stop motion animation, but thought it would be fun to learn more so my first stop was Kristin Parker's session. Kristin is an elementary librarian in Hamilton Southeastern Schools who has gotten interested in stop motion. She found of lot of inspiration from Sylvia Libow Martinez and Gary Stager's book, Invent to Learn. (We read Invent to Learn for our eLearning book club this past spring. Visit the eLearning Book Club blog to view our discussion.) Kristin shared a lot of ideas with us, gave us a chance to add to a Padlet she created to share ideas of how stop animation could be used in the classroom, then gave us a chance to try our hands at stop animation. I used the app Stop Motion Studio to create a video of my water bottle traveling across the table. If you're using an Android device Kristin suggested using the app Clayframes.

Next I met up with another Hamilton County teacher, Enid Baines from Carmel Clay Schools for her session, Content Curation: Building an Online Library. Carmel is a BYOD district, so Enid is always looking for tools that all of her students will be able to access, no matter what devices they're using. Not sure what curation tool to use? Enid had us take a Curation Personality Quiz. This might give you a place to start, if you're overwhelmed by all of the choices. Some of the tools that Enid shared with us were DiigoEvernoteSymbaloo,!, and Pinterest.

After lunch I took a tour on the "bus to eLearning." We took a 30-minute bus ride and learned from Brian Mowell, Richmond technology staff member, how they are using truly mobile technology and working to extend the classroom beyond the traditional 4 walls. Richmond has a charter bus that they use to transport students for field trips and sporting events that they have outfitted with a hot spot. When they travel the kids can utilize their mobile devices, stay connected and continue learning. The idea of the bus tour was to investigate the ways that we can keep kids connected and learning while on the move...and as a bonus we got to see some of beautiful Richmond!

It's hard to believe, but there are only three more stops remaining on the Summer of eLearning tour. Where will we see you?

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